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The Suska Premium Line. Handcrafted individual piece ID-No. 2

Drive equipment: DVD-RAM Matsushita LF-D291

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The ACSI drives from Inventronik are unique handcrafted items with high built with quality components. Equipped with the Atari ACSI interface there are products which were up to now not available at the market for the Atari computers. The plain attractive design in conjunction with the good finish make these devices a fancy accessoire and an equipment for many years. Every device has its own individual manufacturing certificate.

The technique:

The drive equipment is individual and ranges from CD-ROM over CD-RW, DVD-ROM to the professional DVD-RAM with cartridge support. For the drives we use exclusively near mint, well preserved SCSI drives. An individually configured ACSI-SCSI protocol converter from Inventronik guarantees the compatibility with the Atari ACSI interface. Due to the compact design and the non available 19 pos. D-SUB ACSI connector, the drives come with built in 26pos. HD-SUB connectors and a hand crafted 26 pos. HD-SUB to 19 pos. D-SUB adapter cable. The ACSI out can for example be used to connect a GigaFile SD card drive which works as a hard disk replacement.

In contrast to the drives with IDE interface, the data transfer over the Atari Small Computer System (ACSI) interface takes place via a fast direct memory access (DMA) transfer which allows a performant use of CD burners or DVD-ROMs (adequate driver software provided).