GigaFile SD-Card Harddrive - Boxed Version

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Use SD cards like hard drives at many SCSI or ACSI interfaces. Please refer to the documentation for compatibility issues.

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Suska GigaFile is a solid state disk, which works on the SCSI or at an ACSI interfaces. The storage devices are simple SD cards. In this way, the GigaFile is widely configurable by inserting SDSC (cards with low capacity up to 2GiB), SDHC (cards with high capacity from 2GiB up to 32 GiB) or SDXC (cards with a capacity of 32GiB or more). So everybody's wishes should be fulfilled with this product.

During the development of the GigaFile the developer's scope was the compatibility with both interfaces, the Small Computer System Interface and the (SCSI)Atari Computer System Interface (ACSI). The configuration of the functionality SCSI or ACSI is selected for the respective operation using a special cable or adapter. The complete electronic circuitry is placed on a doublesided mounted printed circuit board of 50x40mm² area. The housed GigaFile is 60x55x30mm³. The volume is in comparision to the 20MB drive SH205 (335x335x70mm3) a factor of 80 smaller. Beside the 26 position high density D-Sub connector for the ACSI or the SCSI interface and the connector for the SD card, there are two LEDs indicating the operating condition.

The GigaFile was developed and optimized using the HDDRIVER of Uwe Seimet. It is recommended to use an actual version of this driver (8.45+).

The Connector of the GigaFile is a male 26 pos. high density D-SUB connector.

Scope of delivery: the GigaFile without connectors. Please order the suitable accessoires separately. Have also a look at the documentation concerning the connectors.

The  documentation can be found here: